Potheads began as a way to connect people who love growing living things, to a community worthy of growth and restoration. In the United States today, more than 40,000 people are incarcerated on marijuana-related charges, and entire communities are impacted by these imprisonments. As our society moves away from the criminalization of cannabis and a $61 billion industry takes its place, we have a duty to secure full freedom for those who have suffered criminal convictions, and the rippling consequences of those convictions.

At potheads, we all get a role in radical change: 100% of the proceeds from all purchases go to The Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit organization doing powerful work in cannabis criminal justice reform. 

Here at Potheads we strive to let life grow—from the mission we invite you to join, to the planters we know you’ll love. We create and source materials to be part of the ritual of growth; materials you will want to touch and work with as you nourish your plants. Each pot is beautifully designed to foster a connection with nature in your spaces. Our pieces are handmade and upcycled in our Southern California studio, as well as a curated collection of goods from around the world. 

Potheads believes in living with intention, that every purchase we make and habit we employ should be for the good of the earth and her living things. This philosophy extends to our process, products, and partners.